WANTED: Tomato Thief


Being that I am new to blogging and have tried it before in the past and failed, I started thinking about what in the world I was going to write about first thing morning. In fact, I was thinking why blog at all. What in the world would I have to say?

Well someone took care of that for me.  Todays topic came to me at 7:45 am. That is when I went to water the small tomato plants on the front porch of our condo.

This is not the greatest photo I have ever taken, but I think it gets the point across. I do not have many tomato plants, just two. To the right of the photo what you should be seeing is one nicely reddish-orange tomato and a second one almost ripe.  They were there at 6:30 this morning when my husband went outside. At 7:45 am I went to water them, but they were GONE! Taken! Who steals a tomato from someone’s front porch? It’s not just that they took the tomatoes from us, it also that those two were the firsts of the season. We were so looking forward to eating them.

To top it all off, I ended up listening to all the crazy rants of what my husband wanted to do the person that took them. Like beat them down with some kind of stick or fists. Write a sign saying that what he will do to the person who took them and put it with the plants. Write a letter to the condo office letting them know we have a tomato thief (I think, I kind of stopped listening to him) and so on. I am not quite sure what was worse for me, the tomato being stolen or listening to my husbands rants of a tomato.

Fear not, there are more growing, heres hoping that they don’t get stolen as well. Tomatoes are so expensive, thats why I am growing my own. Maybe I should be a bag full of tomato seeds with a sign asking them to take the seeds and grow their own. Leave ours alone!


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