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June 27, 2011

attempt at fresh mint iced tea

I had a lot of fresh mint leftover from yesterdays meal and I had no desire to let all that mint go to waste. So I decided to look up mint tea.  Since my husband grew up on iced mint tea, I was hoping to find whatever recipe that his family used online somewhere. I couldn’t find anything. So if any of his family reads this, please send me the recipe so I can make it for Chris.

Here’s my attempt at Iced Mint Tea.

The first thing I did was boil 8 cups of water.  Once the water started boiling, I added 2 cups of sugar into the boiling water, letting the sugar completely melt into the water.  Making sugar water.  I know that sounds a lot of sugar, but I like my tea sweet and I am diluting it with ice.

From there I bundled up 12 bags of tea, using a reusable bag clip to hold them together making it easier to handle.  I put two sprigs of mint into the water with them. I let them simmer for about 5 minutes.

I took the tea bags out. I tasted the tea to see how minty it was. I didn’t think it was all that minty. So I added more sprigs. Covered the pot and let it simmer for a bit more.

I kept on tasting and adding more mint until I felt like I was there.

Strained the tea into a bowl.  From there I poured the tea into a pitcher full of ice.

I like the taste, but its a pretty dark and really doesn’t taste like what my husband family makes.  Here’s hoping he likes it anyway.  I’m going to have to try making it again, but with fewer tea bags and maybe a 1/2 cup less of sugar.  Just might try with green tea instead.

At least I can say I did something today.