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January 5, 2012

Wish I Took Naps

3 am baby boy starts crying. Get up give pacifier to him and put him back down. Go back to bed.
3:10 am baby boy cries again. Give him a bottle and clean diaper, he starts dosing. Put him back down. Go back to bed.
3:20 am baby boy is up crying again, hubby rocks hims, puts him back down. Goes back to bed.
3:30 am baby boy is crying again. Let him cry.
3:55 am, can’t handle the crying any more. Get up, snuggle him on couch. Didn’t work. Give him more bottle. Snuggle sleepy baby on couch. Decide to lean back to snooze a bit. Baby boy wakes and cries.
By this point I give up, put him on the floor so he can play. He is a happy baby boy now.
3 am is my wake up call, finally excepting that fact at 4:25 in the morning. Coffee is brewing and its going to be a long day.
Wish I took naps